what is panelwhiz?

Welcome to panelwhiz, a Charity-Ware Graphical User Interface to extract data from complicated panel datasets using the statistical package Stata. It is written in the programming language Stata and Mata and supports many of the world's large-scale socio-economic household panel datasets.

Authors of panelwhiz

  • John P. Haisken-DeNew

    Professor of Economics
    Programmer in Stata since 1992

  • Markus H. Hahn

    Doctoral student in Economics
    Programmer in Stata since 2005

Three Simple Steps to Data Retrieval

panelwhiz works for you: If you know the name of a variable in ONE wave, panelwhiz knows the name of the related variables in EVERY OTHER wave. Simply click and you have selected all variables over all waves. Syntactically correct scripts retrieve the data based on your preferences. Go back anytime to old retrievals, edit, add, append, update, re-run at will!

  • Click

    Open a panelwhiz data browse page in any ONE wave and select an entire vector of variables for ALL waves with one simple mouse "click". Stata's SMCL clickables make this possible!

  • Retrieve

    For the items you have selected, panelwhiz creates a Stata DO file ON THE FLY and extracts the data, merging and matching over time and level, into a rectangularised Stata long file.

  • Done

    With your wave-stacked long file now on disk, the file can be used directly in Stata or imported into SPSS, SAS, GAUSS, R, MPlus, Excel, without any additional translation software.

panelwhiz Updates When Your Data Does


Updates Pushed to the User on Stata Startup

New versions of the supported household panel data come out regularly, typically once a year. We update panelwhiz for the newest version of the data known to us and adjust the user interface accordingly. Old panelwhiz projects can be re-read, updated to the newest wave with one mouse click and then re-retrieved. This keeps you productive and not having to panic when your journal editor asks to you update your data analysis to the newest wave of the data! Dont see your favourite panel data supported here? Give us a shout and we'll see if we can support it!