Download and Install

panelwhiz is "charity-ware": We strongly suggest that you donate to UNICEF every year. This helps children in the world who need it most.

  • 1. Download Setup ADO File to Your Local Harddisk

    Download this Stata ADO File pwupdate.ado to start the installation process in Windows/Mac/Linux. Anyone with Stata can install this. Make a temporary directory, such as "temp", but do NOT put this in a directory where you have installed Stata itself. Save the file in, say, "c:\users\cleveruser\temp" or "/home/cleveruser/temp".
  • 2. Start Stata and Run the panelwhiz Setup Command to Install the Files

    (a) Start Stata.

    (b) Change directories in the Stata command window to be in that same directory you mentioned in Step 1, e.g.
    . cd c:\users\cleveruser\temp

    (c) Actually install the files and follow any instructions

    • In Windows Network:
      . pwupdate, install(C:\Users\MY_WINDOWS_USERNAME\Documents\panelwhiz)
    • In Windows SingleUser:
      . pwupdate, install(C:\panelwhiz)
    • In MacOSX/Linux:
      . pwupdate, install(/Users/MY_MAC_USERNAME/panelwhiz)
    NOTE: Yo do NOT want to install panelwhiz to a slow network drive. Slow network drives cause Stata to think that the network drive is faulty because Stata cannot write to the disk fast enough. This is an issue of Stata, independent of panelwhiz. Also, if you have a VIRUS CHECKER that wantes to scan every file before it reads or writes it, the same issues will occur. Some virus checkers allow you to exclude certain kinds of files from being read first on the fly. You would want to exclude reading *.dta and *.smcl files.
  • 3. Restart Stata

    To make sure that your installation has worked, stop and restart Stata. You should see panelwhiz "start info" when restarting Stata again. Start panelwhiz. Select a datapackage to install, say "CPS-NBER".

  • Set up a Datapackage's Data Files for panelwhiz

    The panelwhiz files are now installed. panelwhiz does not supply any micro data. You must get that from the respective data provider. For each dataset, you will need to run a datasetup procedure AND you must tell panelwhiz where the files are for panelwhiz to access.
    If for instance you installed support for the "cpsnber" dataset, and you installed PanelWhiz simply in the folder "c:\panelwhiz", then in the folder "c:\panelwhiz\cpsnber\datasetup", you would
    (a) copy your CPS-NBER Stata datafiles (*.dta)
    (b) in the Stata command window, change into that directory
    (c) run the datasetup command: do
    The datasetup command always follows the format "" The resulting datafiles are now panelwhiz "aware" and panelwhiz will know what to do with them. MOVE THE DATAFILES NOW to a more permanent place like c:\data\cpsnber Tell panelwhiz WHERE the CPS-NBER files are in the panelwhiz PREFS. Now you are ready to go. The Australian MABEL files are already panelwhiz aware, so this step can be skipped for this datasets. The HILDA dataset USED TO BE ready-to-go. It NOW must be setup manually, as described above.

  • Done!

    The panelwhiz files are now installed AND you have a datapackage installed with the datafile panelwhiz "aware".