Below is a list of datasets that panelwhiz supports. If you are a user of a dataset not listed here, please contact us to see if your dataset can be supported by panelwhiz. panelwhiz NEVER distributes panel data. You must get this data from the respective data provider.

Please Donate to UNICEF

panelwhiz is "charity-ware". We program it in our spare time and it takes a lot of time to try to keep current. Please let us know if there is an update of a dataset that we support, in case we have not yet seen that an update is available. Depending on the changes made to datasets, we may not be able to continue to support the dataset. We push out the newest files to our users and you can update easily by updating within Stata. We strongly suggest that you donate to UNICEF every year. This helps children in the world who need it most.


If you use panelwhiz, please cite the following paper in all the papers, reports and presentations that have used PanelWhiz: Hahn, Markus H. and John P. Haisken-DeNew, "PanelWhiz and the Australian Longitudinal Data Infrastructure in Economics", Australian Economic Review, 46(3), 379-386.

Datasets by Country

  • Australia

    HILDA: Household Income Labour Dynamics of Australia   |   MABEL: Medicine in Australia   |   LSAC: Longitudinal Survey of Australian Children   |   LSIC: Longiduinal Survey of Indigenous Children   |   BNLA: Building a New Life in Austrlia   |   ABS-SIH: ABS Survey of Income and Housing
  • United States

    CPS-NBER:Current Population Survey (CPS)   |   RAND-HRS: Health and Retirement Study (HRS)   |   SIPP-NBER: Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP)
  • United Kingdom

    BHPS: British Household Panel Survey   |   UKUS: UK Understanding Society
  • Netherlands

    DHS: DNB Household Survey   |   LISS: Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social sciences
  • Russia

    RLMS: HSE Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey
  • South Korea

    KLIPS: Korean Labor and Income Panel Study